Dashboard AI Announces Its Technology Vision for the Foodservice and Hospitality Industry.

The Artificial Intelligence company leverages advances in machine learning, computer vision, and IoT to create a single system of record for the industry.

TEMPE, AZ., Sept. 14, 2020 – Dashboard AI, a technology innovator in the foodservice and hospitality industry, today announces its vision for a single system of record for the industry.  The company leverages advances in machine learning, computer vision, and IoT to reveal insights that improve safety, efficiency, compliance, and training that create a single system of record.  

“The current fragmented software landscape creates an opportune time to implement a unified platform that is the system of record for critical data around business operations, safety, inventory, staffing, and productivity.” – said Brian Pierce, Dashboard AI cofounder and chairman.  “Our Dashboard AI’s stewardship of this data creates a platform of power that can be used in other business software and services categories that need access to this underlying data.

Harnessing the recent advancements in facial recognition, computer vision, sensors, and IoT, the company is building a suite of products that automate existing operational processes that are typically performed manually.  Dashboard AI’s machine learning algorithms are built using the company’s proprietary data and training libraries designed specifically for foodservice operations.  Its machine learning capabilities include first-of-its-kind inventory and usage monitoring algorithms to naturally identify food and beverage brands within the foodservice and hospitality environment, to learn, monitor, track, and measure brand usage.  These applications use the company’s technology to improve accuracy, efficacy, and efficiency.

“The foodservice sector has been riveted by the global pandemic and we need to leverage technology to rethink how we can optimize our operational processes and build a foundation for the future” – said Brian Pierce.  “At Dashboard AI, we’ve been working on this opportunity for over a year before the pandemic hit and as a result of its impact on the industry, we’ve accelerated our efforts to develop and refine our solutions.”

About Dashboard AI

Dashboard AI is an “All-in-One” platform for foodservice.  The company’s mission is to increase efficiency, safety, compliance, and training for the foodservice industry.  Leveraging advances in machine learning, computer vision, and IoT, Dashboard AI creates a single system of record for the industry.  The company’s suite of solutions includes machine learning powered inventory monitoring and ordering, safety and security, training and education, and labor productivity measurement - all in an integrated, open, real-time platform.

Founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneurs in the foodservice and technology industry, Brian Pierce and Kelly Egan, Dashboard AI is backed by Resiliency Ventures as well as notable angel investors from the foodservice and technology industry.  The company is expanding its current round of financing as a result of increased interest in its technology and solutions.  

Contact media@thedashboard.ai for more info.